Wednesday, February 10, 2010

YEAH!!!! More updates on the house

Here we are at 31 weeks!!!! I am not sure what's getting bigger my butt or my tummy...... I must have twins and one is just in the wrong spot=) Everything is still going good. I had another doc apt on Friday. I think it hit me how close I am to my due date when my doctor started telling me the signs of labor and what to look out for and when I should come into the hospital. We both can't wait to see her. We washed all her clothes and Massi was (hanging them up to dry) and he was commenting on every little outfit. The hospital thing is still up in the air. I haven't decided which one I want to go to but I figure I'll know on that day.........I hope=)
I am feeling her move ALL day long. Before it was a few kicks and punches through out the day but now I can feel everything. Sleeping is still a strugle, the other night I couldn't fall asleep so I went downstairs and watched 3 movies and finally went to bed at 5 a.m. Everyone keeps telling me she's just preparing me for whats to come...... I am soooooooo ready though. Just 8 more weeks=)
This would be the proud padre putting together Scarletts changing table/dresser. It's amazing we could even fit one of these in the room but we managed. The space disapeared so fast. After it was all painted and the room was empty I thought of a lot of half those ideas are gone. Once we put the computer in, then the changing table and then the closet, it was like, "wait where did that space all go?"... It's a small room but it will work for now.

Nonno Luigi (Grandpa Luigi) helped put together Scarletts/Massi's new closet. We bought it from Ikea and let's just say Massi's dad IS NOT A FAN of Ikea!!!! But it's all put together and the roof is still on the house and that's all that matters. He is a pretty funny guy when it comes to helping family out. He likes to DO EVERYTHING and his way of course. Massi had to go out of town for work so I stayed here to "help out" I was downstairs most of the time and all of a sudden once he started putting things together I heard him talking and telling "someone" what to do and how to do it. I thought maybe he brought some helpers with him? They must have come in while I was outside with Muffin??? After a couple hours of listening to him speak and Yell at "these helpers" I came up to check on him. He must be magical or something cause I couldn't see who he was speaking to.... It was a LONG 2 days of him working on the closet all by himself but he finally got it all together. It's bigger than the one we measured for in the first place and we were worried about the door opening enough. It opens but not all the way. I told Massi I would rather have more storage space and the door open half way, then have less storage and more door space. We are VERY happy with how much it holds inside, WE REALLY NEEDED IT!!!

This is our new GREEN wall. I wanted a bright green so that the room would seem bigger, and boy did I ever get a bright green wall. Uncle Silvio and Marco showed up yesterday morning at 8 and worked hard all day long. I got home about 6 and when I first walked in the door I thought, "OH SHIT what have we done?" I think my face said a lot because Massi said right away, "you don't like it?" I said, "no no no I like it, it's just REALLY GREEN!!!!" It was florescent green, like hurt your eyes green, even in the dark it was still REALLY REALLY green but, I must have walked in the door right after they finished paining it because today it looks so much better and more of what I was expecting. It still seems bright but I think it's because there is nothing on the walls yet. This weekend we will hang everything up and get a rug for in front of the couch. I'll post more pictures when it's finished.

This is the new couch, Much better then the last one. First, it's not white.....Second, it's not a U shape. Now you can sit down on it and not get a kink in your back or neck and Third, it pulls out to a bed. Now all you American visitors have a place to sleep......if the bright green wall doesn't keep you up all night, just make sure to bring a blind fold with you for when you need to sleep. JK it's not that bright.


  1. I like the bright green wall! It's fun. I'm a fan of different colors. It spices things up. I can't believe it's just 8 weeks. It's gonna fly by SO fast and she'll be here before you know it!!

  2. Ikea has saved my but so many times. I love the closet and green wall-so modern.I think you should go to the hospital that let's you bond with the baby during the first few hours. That's the time when newborns are the most alert so it's really the best time for you and Massi to hold her and look into her beautiful baby eyes and start getting to know her! (just my two cents) :) Have fun! We miss all three of you-well 4 if you count Muff!

  3. I love the colors Shell! You have deffinatly put your touch on things! Massi is such a good sport, Im sure he is loving the updates too. I hope that I can see it in person one day! It all looks so good!!!!! LOVE & MISS YOU ALL!!!

  4. Your house does not even look the same! I can't wait to see it in person! I am a fan of the green!